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Markus Skroch   24. Januar 2017  


Nachdem wir Roine Stolt vor ein paar Monaten bereits interviewt haben, gibt es zur bald startenden Tour der Band KAIPA DA CAPO noch ein paar Folgefragen, die Roine uns direkt beantwortet hat.

Das Interview

1. Hello Roine! The KAIPA DA CAPO tour starts in about two weeks. I guess you are well prepared and excited?

ROINE: Yes we are pretty well prepared - happy to play both some new songs from “Dårskapens Monotoni” and some older songs from way back - the 3 first DECCA albums.  Classic stuff and it is almost scary how well we remember them - as if it was yesterday - but some of these songs have not been played live for almost 40 years. Everything gel, everything starts sounding organic - and next week we go into production rehearsals. - Surely gonna post fun stuff from that on Facebook etc.

2. I read that your keyboard player Max Lorentz can't join the first dates, because of an injury. Can you tell us more about it, and also about the replacement?

ROINE: Yes, Max was attacked by a drunk madman at a show in Stockholm in December. He broke his foot  - injured severely. We have to  carry on and therefore brought in Lalle Larsson (of Karmakanic)  who is a fabulous musician and  insanely technical player - concert pianist , jazz man etc.  - It will be fun see how we integrate him in the Kaipa music.  We will give him some solo spots too - I’m sure all will be fabulous  but maybe slightly different.

3. In our last interview you made me curious about your 1953 Les Paul. After I researched the value of those old Les Paul guitars I understood why you don't take it on tour with you. Then I wondered where we can hear this guitar. Is the first lead guitar on "Dårskapens Monotoni" played on that one?

ROINE:  Some of the lead guitars on “Dårskapens Monotoni “ is indeed the 1953 Les Paul Gold Top - I cannot remember exactly  what - but I’m sure the solo in “Tonerna”  and most likely some of the  guitars in   “Det Tysta Guldet” and “Dårskapens Monotoni”   - Also used it frequently in some Flower Kings material, Transatlantic and  definitely on major parts on my blues album - Wallstreet Voodoo from 2004.
On this coming tour I will be playing a Fender Telecaster thinline, A  Gibson ES 335  and a Fender Stratocaster - all with True Temperament fretboards. They are all fantastic guitars set up by the guys at TT.

4. How come you decided to sing in Swedish on "Dårskapens Monotoni”?

ROINE: We just wanted it do as much different to many  other  modern acts of prog - like  Steven Wilson, Neal Morse, Haken, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and of course The Flower Kings -  we all sing in English (some for obvious reasons)  - but we wanted Kaipa Dacapo to stand out and be different.

5. Will you play the entire new album on the concerts? Any chance I will get to hear the old KAIPA track "Förlorad I Istanbul" on tour?

ROINE: We will play about half of the new album - definitely  "Dårskapens Monotoni” , “Tonerna”, “Det Tysta Guldet”  and many from the old days - like “Skenet Bedrar”, Korståg” , “Inget Nytt Under Solen” , "Sist på Plan”, "Total Förvirring”, “Ankaret “  etc. 
It will be a very massive show  even if some venues are  smaller -  for those who like symphonic rock  it’ll be a feast - with a folk touch.

You heard it. Come and see KAIPA DA CAPO in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands on these dates:

  • 06.02.2017 SW - LUND - INTO MUSIC
  • 07.02.2017 DE - HAMBURG - MARKTHALLE
  • 09.02.2017 DE - KÖLN - YARD CLUB
  • 10.02.2017 NL - ZWOLLE - HEDON
  • 11.02.2017  NL - UDEN - DE PUL 
  • 13.02.2017  DE - BREMEN - MEISENFREI
  • 14.02.2017  DE - FÜRTH - KOFFERFABRIK
  • 15.02.2017  DE - MANNHEIM - 7 ER CLUB
  • 16.02.2017  DE - RÜSSELSHEIM - DAS RIND
  • 17.02.2017  DE - BERLIN - MUSIK & FRIEDEN
  • 19.02.2017  DK - HVIDOVRE - MEDBORGARSAL
  • 01.04.2017  SW - UPPSALA - KATALIN 




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